2 definitions by Blacc Hole

A picky homosexual who chooses his or her sexual partners very carefully.
"Damn homoselectual," John stammered, "What could he see in Ricky that he doesn't see in me? I keep my nuts and ass clean, I suck a mean d__k and I don't have AIDS..."
by Blacc Hole January 25, 2010
crysterbating is when girls get really upset about getting broken up with and masturbate while tears are streaming down their face into their cunts and moistening their clitoris.

you're welcome.
Jenny was devastated after Joe dumped her. As she sat on her bed, sobbing uncontrollably, she realized her tears had soaked through her panties, moistening her clitoris into a swollen, tender state. She could no longer control her urges, and began to crysterbate furiously while tears poured down her face.
by Blacc Hole January 25, 2010

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