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A clothing and accessory company for impotent white trash inland empire douchefags that get very aggressive when they have their "posse" to back them up.
Tapout is the new srh, which was the new metal milisha.
by BJ Bruce October 27, 2008
Tomfoolery by an uncle Tom. Or buying something expensive when your means do not justify such a purchase.
My friend Fred bought a 60" Plasma for his 8 x 10 living room- thats some nigfoolery.
by BJ Bruce November 02, 2006
Someone who hates preppies.
You wanna go down to this bar in Irvine?

No thanks, Im LaCoste Intolerant, and just being in the presence of preppies makes me get farty and bloated.
by BJ Bruce August 06, 2007
A get together designed to build morale and courage through intake of heroic amounts of alcoholic beverages, primarily beer.

May or may not have been done in WWII by your grandpa. If he did, it was 2.5% alcohol 8oz beer cans, and he only had 2- but he felt invincible afterwards.
What time is beer muster? No, seriously- we can't figure out...
by Bj Bruce February 03, 2012
Beer or malt liquor.
Im rolling over to Mr. Mike's house to have a few fun sodas tonight.
by BJ BRUCE September 17, 2007
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