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1 definition by Bizzaro

(Genrally known as: Female Breasts,
as soft as it is welcoming to us boys

fun to play with in weekends...
/when feeling lonely.)

tit and tweak is simply a game : P
just like hide and seek
only the man's motive is to suck and tweak them
the girl can be the judge in this game

there are almost no rules in the game though.

it can end from 1 hour 'till all night
depending on the players ; )

it's kind of a fun game for grownups
girls enjoy being sucked..
guys enjoy sucking them..
everyone ends up winning ; )

go get you're girl and try it now!
she wont be disapointed!
Garanteed or you're Money back!!
(Guy) Hey babe.. i'm kind of bored
wanna play the ol' -tit and Tweak- game?

(Girl) :P alright, but this time go easy on my left tit ok?
you got carried away last time!!

(Guy) sure babe i'll be gentle ; )
i promise..
common now hand em over : )
that's a girl ; )


The end?
or is it?
by Bizzaro May 22, 2007
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