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2 definitions by Bitterman

The degree of configurability, and functionality, as it pertains to something of a technical nature. (i.e. a software driven firewall for a computer opperating system.)
It does not offer a coherent level of confunctionality
by Bitterman March 08, 2006
An entity of pure mechanical or robotic nature, who solely exists for the purpose of lureing a suspecting newbie into having sex with it. Using lines like "21/f/cali with cam" or "looking to show" as bait.

If the 'Yahoo Chatter' is successful in consumating a physical act, it spreads its chat bot seed like a parasite. This results in many little chat bot children to be born from the host, in the coming weeks.
kinky_misty_89: cute college gal here? any guys wanna chat?

coed_miko26: web cutie looking to play

coed_miko26: hot plaything looking to show
by Bitterman December 22, 2004