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An Arab country in North Africa. Bordered by disputed territory to the south.
Politics: Dictatorship where the king has executive power. Military is the pillar of the country's power despite its attempted coups in the past against the monarch. Reforms remain cosmetic. Numerous political parties and regular elections but critical powers remain centralized.
Injustice, wealth concentration in the hands of a few, nepotism as well as corruption are rampant.
The country has made some progress but power is still arbitrary. The rule of law is still a foreign concept.
People: Warm and welcoming people in general. Not the most civilized people on earth nevertheless. Material possessions are of utmost importance and determine one's status.

Society: Traffic is a nightmare. One of the highest rates of road accidents in the world by UN statistics. The country is morally conservative for the most part despite the existence of a homosexual population, rampant prostitution and alcohol consumption. Borrowing/lending is a growing trend.
Religion: Islam is the religion of the state. Population claims belonging to Islam however in reality society tends to be very permissive and not practicing.
Climate: Mild to Hot in coastal regions. Cold in mountainous regions. Very hot and very dry in inner plains.
- Hey, where are you going this summer?
- Thinking about going to Morocco.
- Cool, you might want to die your hair dark, they will go gaga over you.
- Thanks. Good advice.
by BitterPill May 25, 2009

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