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A section of the velcro shoe, commonly seen on children during Physical Education classes. Also, a harmless insult usually proceded by the word ´fucking´. See also ringbinder, bitchwitch
Did you just see that guy get smacked in the face, what a fucking dapstrap!
by Bitchwitch March 14, 2005
A word of mild intent to insult, with homosexual connotations.
1)What the hell are you on about, you fucking ringbinder?

2)Cop a load of this massive ringbinder.
by Bitchwitch March 14, 2005
When the teller of a joke laughs incontrollably but the onlooking crowd is merely smiling politely, this is the word they are secretly thinking. See also ringbinder, dapstrap.
1)Good one, you fucking bitchwitch!

2)God, what a complete and utter bitchwitch.

3)That wasn´t funny you total fucking bitchwitch.
by Bitchwitch March 14, 2005
As in David Sneddon of UK Fame Academy ´fame´. A nasty rash that easily spreads in embarassing areas. See also diseased, plague, infection.
Ah man, I´ve got a seriously bad case of the Sneddon on my arse.
by Bitchwitch March 14, 2005
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