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best movie ever. featuring sex drugs rock n roll. all the good stuff from the 70's. Kate Hudson (incredibly hot) stars as groupie Penny Lane. Incredible soundtrack.
I saw Almost Famous last night
by bitchslap May 11, 2006
kickass rallydriver from scotland. Worldchampion in 1995 with Subaru. Released a series of kickass video games in his own name.
I used to play a lot of Colin McRae on my PSX!
by bitchslap May 11, 2006
There are two versions of nuclear weapons. First, is a fission bomb, which works by blowing apart atoms, and the resulting energy is released. The second is a fusion bomb, which is the opposite of the first, where atoms are smashed together so tightly that energy is released.
Hiroshima and Nagasaki were fission bombs. Tests done at Bikini Atolls were fusion bombs.
by Bitchslap September 08, 2003
plural for movies. widely used by computergeeks. also a formerly well-known release group of pirated movies.
dude your flix collection is great!
by bitchslap May 11, 2006
A man's privates. Alternative name for the male reproductive organs (penis and tesicles)
Mary, I'd love it if you'd touch my Joe Camel
by BitchSlap August 07, 2003
A real hard and sticky hairwax widely used in Europe. Comes in two flavours, red and blue. Red is harder than blue. Known to destroy your hair and hated by most barbers. Doesn't go away when you wash your hair the first 10 times.
-Dude your fingers are all sticky!
-Yeah I know, I used dax wax this morning!
by bitchslap May 11, 2006
Columbine Day. 4/20/1999 Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold commited the worst school massacre to date, killing 13 and injuring many more in their suicide mission at their local Highschool.
-What's with the date 420?
-Dude, it's Columbine day!
by bitchslap May 11, 2006

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