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a muscular homosexual man.
fox: how do i look? i borrowed this shirt from steven fabian from channel one news.
maria: you look pretty vambuscular. no offense.
by Biskatti March 27, 2009
when your jaws get tired from chewing too much gum.
person 1: want a piece of bazooka?
person 2: no thanks, i'm all gummed out.
by biskatti February 22, 2009
the back pocket of a pair of jeans.
vernacular on the east coast.
person 1: where did i leave my keys? they were just here!
person 2: did you check your buttpocket?
person 1: hey, thanks! here they are!
by Biskatti December 27, 2009
the most frequently used word in the english language.
person1: like like like like like like like like oh em gee you guys, <terrible mainstream boy band> is like like like like like like gonna like play at like <mainstream award show>!!!

by Biskatti March 02, 2009
a nervous or subconsious response to an accusation or question.
used among teens and young adults in new york.
person1: why did you do <action>?
person2: no cause i <explanation>.
by Biskatti March 02, 2009
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