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Blood Bowl is a little-known football-like sport practiced in the U.K. and the U.S. Blood Bowl is renowned for being very simple to play, having only three rules, and is also renowned for having the highest casualty rate of all sports, lion baiting and rugby included.
To play Blood Bowl, first find a football field, although Blood Bowl can really be played in any available space. Teams are made of 5 players, whose positions are listed below:
a 'castle' who stays in the goal and protects it, and generally wears some sort of protection, such as plate armor.
a 'horseman' who traditionally rides an animal or vehicle.
3 'forwards' who go out and get the ball.
Teams may have any number of replacement players, who are substituted whenever a player is injured or killed.
To win a Blood Bowl match, one team must score more goals on the other team (by tossing a ball into some sort of goal) than the other team scored on them by the end of two hours.
At the end of one hour of play is a 30-minute halftime break in which players are rotated in and out of play, riders wash their animals, and castles change their armor.
In addition to this, the teams rotate sides.
The final rule of Blood Bowl is that no edged weapons may be used on a player at any time. Indifferent judges may have to be called in to determine what an edged weapon is and what it isn't.
Any player who breaks a Blood Bowl rule is ejected from play, and in some more violent games, executed on the spot.
"The Missouri City Crushers and the Atlanta G's are playing a violent Blood Bowl game tonight."
by Birdmanjoe201 September 19, 2008
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