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Just an absolute slapper of a woman; her crawlspace remains open for days on end waiting for its next victim. Typically larger than the average male, the "mountain troll" woman finds her pray drunken in bars, sleeping in the alleys, and in the Bronx. A full savv to say the least.
Charles - "Hey bobby"
bobby - "whats up homes"
Charles - "how was that mountain troll that mounted you last night?"
bobby- "Yao Kay you savage bint"
by Bint Sav June 30, 2013
Someone that is fully the most ruthless savage you have ever came across. Often time a bint hunter - hopping from one crawlspace to the other. Also refer to "savage bint"
"Hey bro how was your night"
"fuck man was livin the dream until Bernard pulled a full savv and slithered outta there with a mountain troll"

"Oh piss, what a savage bint"

"yeah bro, real crawlspace hunter"
by Bint Sav June 30, 2013
When the boys all get together with one goal in mind. To roast as many savage bints as possible. Preferably ones without felted mounds and absolutely no gashes.
"Yo Bro!"
"Sup tonight?"
"Looking to set up a Bropocalypse, you in?"
"Ya, for sho. Lets wheel some slappers tonight!"
"Im down for that. Hopefully they have dripping deltas, so I can slide into their crawl spaces!"
by Bint Sav June 30, 2013

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