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Punching someone else's butthole with your fist while they are unaware. Usually whilst screaming "BUTTHOLE JAMMA!!!11"
Alex: Dude, I gave Roland a huge butthole jammer yesturday.

John: Woah...........
by Bing Bong April 06, 2008
term that means NO, but is literally translated to "NO, yes cheese." It is only used as no and nothing else.
Roland: Can I use your bathroom?

John: No........No, si queso.
by Bing Bong April 08, 2008
Murdalize, or murderlize, means to udderly destroy. First seen in the movies 3 ninjas, murdalize is usually refering to video games.
Dude i was playing halo and the score was 50 to 10

You murdalized
by Bing Bong July 14, 2008

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