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1. Piss pulling the trigger occurs when drinking more than physically possible, competively or otherwise, and u get the feeling that u need to pull the trigger and piss at the same time, thus piss pulling the trigger.
2. Wasting the day away.
"I piss pulled the trigger all day today." "Hey guys, i'm gonna go piss pull the trigger. Be righ back." "Oh my goodness, I feel much better after piss pulling the trigger."
by Binch Merkin April 08, 2004
an Abe Lincoln is when ur about to ejaculate and u proceed to make ur release all over her face where a beard like Abe Lincoln's would go and then u shave off ur pubes and let them fall on her face creating a beard.

note: in this day and age females shouldn't have enough pubic hair to create the beard for an Abe Lincoln, and if they like the look of pubic hair or something they should be wearing a merkin
My girlfriend got a job in the circus after i gave her an Abe Lincoln.
by Binch Merkin April 08, 2004
I was there for the creation of the word binch and take all credit for what it has become today. The word binch has many meanings depending on the context. Usually it refers to a person or thing. Don't get it confused with the word bitch. They're totally different.
"what a binch!" "Schuster was being such a binch the other day." "Hey what's up binches!" "Wow, i'm having one binch of a day." "This binch won't work." "Life's a binch, and then u marry one."
by Binch Merkin April 08, 2004
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