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party or event where the drunken stupidity sinks to new levels,while quite likely to occur at a sausage fest the female gender,ditchpigs in particular,are equally capable of contributing to a goat show.

goat show can also be used to describe cluster fuck situations.
Man did you see those two lesbian ditch pigs making out on the dance floor last night , then Dwaine threw up carrots into his shirt pocket , what a fucking goat show

"I Got a flat tire on the way to the airport then was pulled over for speeding trying to catch my flight.The popo noticed a roach in the ashtray and charged me for possesion.
What a fucking Goat show."
by Billytucker June 03, 2010
Girl who arches her back like a cat in heat in front of any police uniform.
Girl that springs on the dick of every new rookie that comes to town ,but a stranger in an Army uniform will do.
Bill "That girls such a Popohoe"

Tim "She would suck the tailpipe of a parked cruiser"
by Billytucker June 03, 2010
A Splitass(from the derogatory term for female) that greatly enjoys giving lonely Cocks a home.Although "splitass cockhouse" is usually used in jest ,a true Splitass Cockhouse Can often be seen leaving an event with a different man then they came with. Both men could boast to their friends the next day that they fed her pigeon milk either in a bathroom stall or the alley next to the bar.

when used in the playful nature affectionately between friends,like one would use bitch,It Hints at knowing they like to hook up as much as you do.Great for friends with benefits.
Your hitting the bars with me tonight you Splitass Cockhouse.

Bill "see that cougar i was just dancing with ,I hit that in the washroom"
Tim "Me too, last night ,that splitass cockhouse."
by Billytucker June 03, 2010
Life of the party party animal with seemingly impossible alcohol consumption abilities.Most likely to be the first to wear a lampshade on their head but will post a picture of it to their facebook profile noon the following day just before "calling it a night".
Dwaine drank a 40 of crown royal and 8 Guinness last night before he jumped in the pool wearing your mothers housecoat, then he "borrowed" a bike and went to the bar with some chick on the handlebars.What a pigdog
by Billytucker June 03, 2010

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