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A saying widely used in Texas. Meaning i back you 100%.
I 'm about money, clothes, and hoes. Aww Ready.
by Billy Williams May 25, 2006
Jump JudyAs in Judy Garland, she hopped down the yellow brick road, in her ruby slippers. To get clean to get fresh to get dressed up.
Before I went to the club I had to Jump Judy so that the ladies will choose me.
by Billy Williams January 03, 2005
It just another way of saying bullshit.
I'm just billshittin wit cha.
by Billy Williams September 28, 2005
Tha Black Indivual Livin Large
Tha B.I.L.L.
There ain't nobdy like Tha B.I.L.L.
thatz why yo hoe didn't fit tha B.I.L.L.
by Billy Williams January 05, 2005
A person who is infatuated with money.
I love money so i'm a chrematomanic.
by Billy Williams August 01, 2007
Dick-Dike:A Bi-Sexual Woman.
I can believe I almost married a Dick-Dike.
by Billy Williams January 03, 2005
In refrence to a woman's vagina. The cat the meow.
Say, man ms. lady was gonna give me the meow but, I had didn't have a rubber.
by Billy Williams January 05, 2005
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