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"Twink" is commonly used to describe young gay airheads, equivelent of a blonde bimbo. "Twinkerbell" goes on to further label an evolution of the stereotype that minces around in fairy outfits at the slightest excuse claiming it to only be "a good laff". Often these types are in denial about their true sexuality.
Chris always goes to fancy dress parties in a little pink fairy dress saying it's a "good laff and you have to do something different don't you? What do you mean 'indicative of a paternal freudian fixation'? Are you saying my bum looks big in this?"
by Billy Scroggins August 27, 2005
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: One who, having got caught in the net of a mid life crisis, has regressed to a permanent state of lifestyle found in Universities throughout the world. A complete and utter denial of approaching retirement, people suffering from Colyers Diesease develop a taste for all foods pickled (possibly a belief stemming from ancient Egypt in the hope of preserving their aging and failing organs).
Richard is being a Colyer again!
by Billy Scroggins July 12, 2006

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