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A "Rotten Scotsman" is acheived when a woman inserts her thumb into a man's anus, squeezing and releasing his testicles with one hand, and sucking and strocking his penis with her mouth and other hand. The action gives the look that she is playing the bagpipes.
Last night when Sue was giving me a blow job, all of sudden she shoved her finger up my ass and sqeezed my balls, all with the same hand. I asked her what the hell she was doing, and she said, "I'm giving you a Rotten Scotsman!"
by Billy Madison June 05, 2003
A hot viet girl that looks so fine i just wanna ................
You gotta check her out she has a ass.
I want that Duong vo
by Billy Madison March 25, 2005
a person that constantly has sack (scrotum) up close to their mouth
Owen, Mike D, Mike K
by Billy Madison April 01, 2005
The collapsing waste heap of living built near a paper mill where you will find that when you turn on a light somewhere in the house, another on goes out.
What A shithole...
by Billy Madison November 24, 2003
Pat Riley's uprising of hell on earth.
The Miami Heat got the best of me
by Billy Madison November 24, 2003

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