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Morning Wood Syndrome - Waking with an erect penis. Occurs every morning of the world to every male, often at inopportune times, making for awkward situations.
1. "Man, I had to give my oral presentation in class this morning in class, and I was scared to death I was going to have MWS!"

2. "I was being given a tour of the plant, and I'll be damned if MWS didn't hit."

3. "I'm sorry, I can't slow dance with you right now. Why not is something wrong? No, it's just that I have a terrible case of MWS."

4. "Easter Sunday morning at church when the pastor says, 'please stand and sing hymn 416' I have MWS. It never fails."

5. "Every morning I try to go pee, but I can't because of MWS. I have to pull a superman."

6. "MWS wakes me up every morning, and the only medicine is to squeeze one out."

by Billy Jo Thomas April 16, 2008

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