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Corrupted form of "yes, sir," thought to have first appeared in minstrel shows of the Jim Crow era. Often repeated, as in, "Yowza, yowza, yowza!" May be considered mildly racist by some.
Yowza, that bitch sure be fine!
#yessir #sho nuf #damn straight #yup #yep
by Billy Frank September 24, 2008
A village in Thailand sometimes (as in the movie "Juno") referred to because it is a homonym of the phrase "Fuck it."
The teacher asked me my favorite place overseas, so of course I said 'Phuket.' You should've seen her expression!
#fuck #fuck it #f-word #f-bomb #phuket
by Billy Frank August 10, 2008
The anus, asshole, or anal sphincter, or a very unpleasant person.
I hate Fred. He's a real dung eye.
#dungeye #asshole #sphincter #asswipe #jerk
by Billy Frank May 14, 2008
Meaning "drunk," a catchphrase popularised by the British satirical magazine Private Eye in 1967 after being used in a spoof diplomatic memo to describe the state of Labour Cabinet minister George Brown.
The party dragged on too long, Sam kept getting shot down by the girls he spoke too, and by dawn you could say he was tired and emotional.
#drunk #smashed #tipsy #deep in his cups #shitfaced
by Billy Frank April 10, 2009
Acronym for "Husband At The Time," as when telling a story from the past.
"Six years ago, I was driving down the street with Fred, my HATT, when from out of nowhere we got hit by another car!"
#ex #ex-spouse #the ex #bastard #good riddance
by Billy Frank January 08, 2010
British nickname for Buckingham Palace, the principal London residence of Queen Elizabeth II.
I meant to drive home at the stroke of four, but got called for a photo op at Buck House.
#buckingham palace #palace #royalty #great britain #queen elizabeth ii
by Billy Frank July 04, 2013
Military Intelligence, Section 5, or MI5, the British Security Service, as shown in the TV show "Spooks" (called "MI-5" in U.S. broadcasts). Responsible for counterespionage and domestic security, roughly analogous to the FBI. Based in Thames House on Millbank, London.
That guy in the suit is in Five, I'm sure of it. See how he's looking at us?
#security service #agency #bureaucrats #counterspies #counterespionage
by Billy Frank May 28, 2008
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