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a bunch of suburban kids who have it good turn every little "hiccup" into their life
a melodrama. all emo's are the same and are all conformists, even though they hate conformists. How does supporting major clothing stores, ex.Hot Topic, make you a non-conformist? Also there is no difference from the, so-called "real" emo's from the "fake" emo's, it looks like shit, smells like shit, you know the rest. It's all the same.


Top: tight black horizontally stripped sweater w/ a scarf, i guess the luxury of breathing is something they're willing to sacrifice.

Jeans: as tight as they can get, usually from their little sisters closet or the women's department, funny because their's 2 emo's at my school who have developed testicular cancer..think they need to loosen up their jeans.

Hair: Long black asymmetrical greasy haircut covering the left or right eye, the ability to see is compromised for "style".

Shoes: usually Chuck Taylor's with their favorite band written on the white part.
Cheer up emo kid, it's not that bad
by Billy F'n Mayo July 13, 2008

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