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(noun 1)
a mentally unstable person who acts irrationally or foolishly; an eccentric person

"They put him in a mental institution because he was a headcase."
by Billy Casper March 21, 2008
a colloquial term used to describe a mentally sound person who likes to act foolishly for fun.
"He was being a headcase again."
by Billy Casper March 21, 2008
A person that always wants to chat but never takes the hint when other people don't have time or don't want to talk to them. They make tasks last longer than they need to be and would gladly make you late for a train with a big, stupid smile on their face while you politely try to escape from them.
Guess which conversation bastard I just got stuck with?
by Billy Casper November 02, 2014
A derogatory name for someone in shopping locations that approach members of the public because they want them to sign up to something (which usually entails a monthly payment) or participate in a survey.
You can't ever walk through town without some clipboard trying to stop you
by Billy Casper November 06, 2014
Pronounced narna but is probably the most common spelling . Is UK slang for banana but has various meanings:
1. banana (the fruit)
2. A silly person (polite)
3. Going crazy/getting angry (plural is used)
4. A substitute for various expletives when addressing children
1. 'Do you want a nana?'
2. 'Take that box off your head, you nana'
3. 'That lad is going nanas'
4. (When a child is ignoring you/having a tantrum) 'Oh, nanas to you!'
by Billy Casper November 06, 2014

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