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Bowel movement caused by drinking an oversized cup of coffee. Usually happens when you are already back in the car. Only the sheer willpower of a Jedi will keep you safe until you reach the office.
Oh man. I am stuck in traffic and this Venti caffe latte is giving me a Starbucks enema. Let's hope I don't soil myself.
by Billy Bubba July 06, 2008
No paper left to wipe the shit from your arse. Skilled practitioners can use the empty bogrolls to clean their turd place nevertheless. Also the reason why places like McDonald's and Starbucks hand out napkins to their customers.
Howard was holding the empty bogrolls between his thumbs and index fingers and rubbed them in cyclical motions against his turd place. Since he was using both hands he had to stand and bend forwards. Onwards Howard he shouted.
by Billy Bubba July 12, 2008
Overrated slurpie/smoothie made out of banana, milk and protein powder. Does not contain caffeine and has got nothing to do with coffee.
Howard got a spontaneous orgasm when he tasted a Vivanno and needed to change his underwear quickly.
by Billy Bubba July 10, 2008
Place where they sell high quality coffee. In Australia McCafé is bigger than Starbucks (Starbucks is a bit of a failure there).
Crickey, this McCafé sells better coffee than Starbucks for a lower price. I bet my sheep will love this stuff.
by Billy Bubba July 12, 2008
Very small cat turds, almost resembling coffee beans.
Fritz the cat left some Pike Place roast on the carpet. Maybe it is time to clean the litter box?
by Billy Bubba July 10, 2008
Artificially induced bowel movement. Either with warm water or espresso. Espresso roast is especially recommended before anal sex because of the deep cleansing effect. One French press cooled down to body temperature should do the trick. Starbucks Espresso roast for the upscale poofs and any other coffee for the rest of us. Usually before engaging with the Schwartz.
Howard recommended that this clisma was the most satisfying experience he ever got out of any Starbucks product. The turd place was really enjoyable after it had been filled with a Venti Caffe Americano.
by Billy Bubba July 07, 2008
When banging your bitch in the mud and pull out too far and you shovel some of Alabama's finest back up in.
I was fucking my sister out back and I gave em the Alabama mud skipper. She'll be cleaning that shit out for weeks.
by Billy bubba November 13, 2013

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