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Old school krews started with a 'journeyman' writer at the top, and toys or tryouts at the bottom, and variable skil writers within. Any number from 3 to 90 or so. at the very bottom were toys, aka scribble monkeys, who had a spray can and not much more than simple and crude scrawl which they placed on a wall.
The guy (girl) at the top would offer instruction, as well as induce the krew to go into battle (competition) with other tagging krews. Anyone who developed or showed promise of bigger, better writing, eventually became known as a writer.

in the tag world, there are various skill levels.
1- scribble or scrawl.
2- puff or bubble letters, usually 1 color.
3- puff or bubble letters with a 2 or 3 color fill.
4- monotone art, like a face or scene.
5- artwork with a 2 or 3 color fill or accent.
6- Piece (short for masterpiece), usually a layout with 5-13 color fills. Usually a stationary object like a wall. if on a moving vehicle or trailer, it's called a burner and others.
7- area of placement such as a bridge or billboard or sign high up, denotes heaven work. bigger, more elaborate or complex = more fame.
8- rolling bombs- instead of using spray cans, rollor bombs are made with a 9-inch paint roller, extension poles, and bulk paint. these tags can be 12' high, or more, and hundreds of feet long.
9- slapper wakks or decal krews. not writers per se, but spend hours redoing specific scribbles on adhesive backed labels that are affixed to any surface. a variation of this are those who scribe glass and steel with hardened pointed tools or sandpaper.
10- collaborations collabs) rival writers or krews that drop the hatchet temporarily to work out a joint piece or production.
11- production- any complex or elaborate tag or piece, including burners.
12- Toys are washouts or wannabees that have no style nor ability to place or create complex artistic pieces, just wak, or messed up stuff
Many junior high students want to belong to a tag krew, but don't have many skills.

It seems that the better piecers are older types, say 18 to 25, and have the best krew productions too.
by Billy Bubb March 28, 2009
A mostly derogatory term for an inexperienced graffiti writer; or used as a general term for all graffiti vandals or writers by law enforcement or graffiti abatement teams.
A tagger is the same as calling the one who places graffiti, a toy.

In most circles, someone that has skils or props in the graffiti placement world is more correctly termed to be a writer
Some damned tagger killed my wall last night. taggers are working overtime after yesterday's buff.
That tagger ain't nuthin but a scribble monkey toy.
by Billy Bubb March 24, 2009
usually refers to the buff man, the one who cleans up or paints over graffiti. the cloud is the background onto which the graffiti is painted, and when painted out, the guy erasing or covering the graffiti is exercising control of the cloud
Cloud control painted out or capped my piece.
by Billy Bubb March 24, 2009
A method of mining placer gold, most commonly found in dry washes in the desert environs. as most of this type of gold is located in areas devoid of running water, the contraption uses air forced from below the riffle tray to separate heavy particles or objects from lighter particles. the dirt shovelled into the drywasher has to be fairly dry for this method to work at maximum efficiency.

A drywasher refers to both the method and the miner employing the method. Placer gold is natural free gold particles or chips found in nature as a product of natural erosion, and concentration in low spots or natural traps.

A drywasher machine is powered by a hand crank, or a weed blower, or an electric motor, or gas engine, which causes a fan belt to turn a pulley to operate a bellows (air pump), or to drive an eccentric fan, via which air is forced into a cloth based box above, which have traps to concentrate heavy minerals in the process. Heavy minerals such as iron, gold, silver, platinum, chromite, titanium, gems, rubies, sapphire, garnets, emeralds, meteoroids. After primary concentration in the traps, the concentrate is subsequently worked by gold panning or processing in a spiral pan to retrieve all desired values
I took my drywasher to a claim in the desert north of Barstow. I am out drywashing for gold.
I am a drywasher type of miner. With my drywasher, I plan to get natural, native gold, to sell on ebay.
by Billy Bubb March 29, 2009

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