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G.L.B.T. (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transexual).
Silly Glabbit, dicks are for chicks!
Penis Illin' = a male STD that can be cured with penicillin.
DR. ROGER MOORE, UROLOGIST: Gee, Billy Bob, it seems you have some Penis Illin' goin' on here.

BILLY BOB: Oh my dog, Dr., am I gonsta die?

DR.: No Billy Bob.

BILLY BOB: Am I gonsta get my Peter whacked off?

DR.: Not by me Billy Bob. This aint no Peter Graves, it's just a Peter Boyle. A little penicillin and you'll be AOK.

BILLY BOB: Thanks Doc!

DR.: Billy Bob, you have seven wives. You haven't been seeing a prostitute have you?

BILLY BOB: No, I was just fucking Kelly in the butt without a rubber. And I fell asleep right away and didn't wash up until the next morning. It hurt when I peed, and my piss shot a poop plug out of my weiner. Now it's all red and pussie, as you can see!

DR.: You lucked out this time boy. You better use a condom next time! Did you fuck any of your wives AFTER the buttfucking incident?

BILLY BOB: Yep. All seven.

DR.: Oh my God, Billy! You better send them all in ASAP!

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