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I'm apparently an emo kid. and it doesn't seem to me that I cut and cry and write poetry, I suck at writing. sure I'm a middle class person but i dont whine about it. and I'm emo. But I dont't whine. I don't see everyones problem with emo kids. None of you know me, yet you are going to judge me. I dont wear glasses because I don't need them and shit like that. All of those things are stereotypes....those can be broken. So fuck off. I'm gonna go cut and cry. *cough*stereotype*cough*
look at me...i am a prep. i love gap and abercrombie and fitch. i just love that new eminem video on mtv. i'm such a whore that i'm being tested on for new, undiscovered std's. wow....i almost vomited when typing that
by Billy Bob Butterballs August 26, 2005

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