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5 definitions by Billy Bob Bolivar

The offspring of a pigger, a polish person who vainly attempts to emulate black culture.
Damn, look at all those piglets stepping out of that ricer!
by Billy Bob Bolivar April 19, 2005
13 13
A term used to describe any french male. It comes from the song "Rapture" by Blondie.
Madame's husband was a Francois C'est pas. I heard he liked to pee in the streets.
by Billy Bob Bolivar June 24, 2005
0 7
I dunno, but I do know that the government had him killed. He was getting ready to pull American troops out of Vietnam, and all the warmongers in Washington couldn't take it or let it happen, so they eliminated him. It was all just a big conspiracy...
Who shot john? The government did, that's who!
by Billy Bob Bolivar November 24, 2004
4 24
In Latin American culture, primarily Mexican, the nickname given to the man your wife cheats on you with.
Burch: Hey Carlos, so if your dad was out in Mexico all that time, who's your real dad?

Carlos: Sanchez!
by Billy Bob Bolivar September 27, 2006
63 91
The Illinois Institute of Technology, also characterized by the large amount of bathroom-slipper wearing Indians studying there. It's located at 35th and State St just south of the loop in Chicago. Many students complain about the neighborhood, but then again, most of them come from places like Idaho.
Billy Bob Bolivar attends IIT cuz he's a stupidass college bitch.

Ha! Look at that dumbass riding his scooter through a building, and look at his little cowboy hat! Only at IIT!
by Billy Bob Bolivar September 29, 2004
51 80