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OMGOES is obsessively said by coaster geeks who have nothing better to do with their time than constantly go "OMGOES leik teh samri sux0rz teh b0yD”. Also, it is considered chavvy and therefore to be taking the piss out of chavs, but the geeks who say it end up so obsessed that they practically become chavs themselves. Conclusion: shut the fuck up.
"OMGOES leik teh samri sux0rz teh b0yD"
"OMGOES teh Thorpe Park rox0r"
"OMGOES its teh Slammer"
by Billy Bob January 06, 2005
Derivative of the word 'minton' where the person is caught up in an unfortunate incident and/or cirsumstance.
Man falls over...

"haha, look at him, he's a right munton! right gud!"
by Billy Bob March 24, 2005
when a highschool student has sex with a teacher, 50 years or older.
I think that Marvin steached the German teacher yesterday after school.
by Billy Bob May 28, 2004
fatty,dumb, assholish, nobody like you because ur a fatyty spazz
lala lalalalalallalalalalal
your a blabbo i laugh at ur blabboness
roar i hate u u fat basterd
by billy bob January 21, 2005
origin:no-name brand of camera that was the best available at a generic electronics shop

1)used to descrie something as the best of its kind
2) (used with sarcasm)used to insult someone or something that sucks a lot by saying its the best
the salesman assured us:"This camera is a Dashvid; It's the best!!!
by Billy Bob December 14, 2004
A secret millartary version of a kangaroo, has a number of different assets including:
-Rocket Pack
-A minigun which is stored in their poutch.
-X ray sun glasses
-Dont rob the bank we dont wanna mess with the scuzzwazza'z
-i heard MI5 have replaced their agents with scuzzwazzas
-Send in the scuzzwazza'z!!
by billy bob November 18, 2003
expression used when showing displeasure in an event or individual
"you failed geometry"
by Billy Bob December 13, 2002
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