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Misacorp is his own girlfriend. He is a Basilmarket moderator. Misacorp believes in asexual reproduction, and does not appear to be any gender that humans know of. Misacorp, like some other Basilmarket moderators, behave in a pedo manner.
<Misacorp> Doomsday, where do you live?
<doomsday777> o.o
<Misacorp> I know it's either D.C, or Seattle. Which one?
<doomsday777> o.o
<Misacorp> come on doomsday, where do you live?
<doomsday777> It's Seattle, Misa.
<Misacorp> I'll bring you a bear.

The next day, I was abducted by a UFO.
I never got that bear...
by Billy B. Pershings January 30, 2008
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