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A homosexual poacher of human feces; a poo-pilferer. Allternately, a rectum-robber who has a penchant for feces during gay sex.
"Hey, buddy - quit eyeing by bunghole like that! Whaddaya, some sort of TURD-BURGLAR??? Does this look like a fucking bathhouse? There's no sphincter pudding here for you!"
by Billy B August 24, 2006
The subsequent rash one develops after dropping a load into a freshly cleaned honey-bucket. The lack of feces to break your sizable log's fall in the freshly pumped toilet allows the loaf to splash the blue chemical cocktail in the bottom up into your browneye, hence causing a rash.
Watch out Doug - they just pumped the honey-bucket. There's not the usual volcano of half-digested burritos from the landscapers in there to break the fall. You're just lookin' for a case of Blue Splash Rash.
by Billy B August 24, 2006
Feces with the consistency of pudding, Also, a queer's favorite desert, especially after a main course of semen.
Lee, you fag! Is that sphincter pudding all over your face???
by Billy B November 20, 2006
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