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Probably the Worst team in the South , oh sorry correction absolutley no doubt the worst team in the south. Booby Cox is probably the worst manager is professional baseball. Players stink to high hell as well. Everyone here worships chipper jones who is by far the most washed-up player in baseball. Everyone here is a Braves fan but they suck. Its as almost as bad as being a Brewers fan but not quite. I take my son to the games to see the other teams that are good play, and I tell him not to look at the braves up to bat it might effect his over-all ability to play ball cuz sucking that bad can rub off on people like Mr. Turner what a Jack-ass.
Braves fan: Gee golly look at them there braves loooking good I say

Me: Wow those braves suck ass just like last year country bumpkin
by Billy(William)Clinton September 02, 2006

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