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3 definitions by Billy NoCo

Someone living in the area of North County specifically the Florissant through Jennings area. To be considered a NoCo Ninja you must have pride for your town, won at least one fight, and been jumped.
Dude you live in North County? And didn't you just get jumped? You're such a NoCo Ninja.
by Billy NoCo January 14, 2009
4 3
Hiccuping to the point at which you can't breathe.
I drank a lot of soda and caused me to have legendary hiccups.
by Billy NoCo January 18, 2009
1 1
Any person that is of both white and black descent like Obama.
Dude Devins mom is white and his dad is black so he's an Obama baby.
by Billy NoCo January 18, 2009
98 145