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5 definitions by Billnye2

Adj, when one does a task worthy of jesus status
syn, amazingly done
Dude you murked on them bitches JESUS STYLE

Dude you tradeflipped that bowl JESUS STYLE
by billnye2 September 03, 2010
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when something is done and it becomes soft, floppy, or anything along those words opposite of rigamortis

when your penis gets soft after intercourse

when your fucking a girl and you splooge and your dick gets soft
Richard: dude i was having sex with jane last night and couldnt keep it up when i finished i went straight to floppymortis

Jane: OMG girl when Richard and i was fucking last night i couldnt finish he finished too fast and went straight to floppymortis
by billnye2 September 03, 2010
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exclamation that one says in which one knows they are drunk/high but still does an amazing feat such as beating another person at chess or driving home perfectly
Dude1: man u just beat me at chess i thought u were high?
Dude2: Aint i awesome?

Dude1: how the fuck are we home dude your drunk out of your mind
Dude2: Aint i Awesome?
by billnye2 September 03, 2010
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Noun. a secret sent via text to someone in the same room with you but not said aloud or whispered to avoid the attention of everybody else in the room

i.e. if you want to say something about someone behind their back to your friend sitting next to them.
*via text to the person next to you*

Dude she smells bad :(

I knoww XD

that ^^ was a "teecret"

Watch also Family guy episode Quagmires dad
by billnye2 September 03, 2010
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shortened version of "slap my grandma"
used in place of "lol" to make you seem more "hip"
hahaa omg bro that's hilarious smg
by Billnye2 August 11, 2011
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