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7 definitions by Billie

posh for " anus tube "
im gonna shuv that up ure " rectal passage " !!!!
by billie November 13, 2003
Can also be used in a conversation when you hav no idea what to say, or to break an awkward silence. Used in almost same way as meh
person1: Hiya !!
person2: Blahgen

*total silence*
person2: BLAHGEN!!
by Billie February 22, 2004
used when exaggerating someones boring talk
She was like,... blahgen blah....
by Billie February 15, 2004
a penis that looks good
Oh man, my dads cock looks penisilicious.
by Billie January 20, 2003
the elderly word for a toilet

or the police
i threw up in the po po
the po po is comin
by Billie May 01, 2004
fucking pussy
aww! you neshy man!
by billie November 13, 2003
It is a nickname i gave one of my friends and she likes it for some reason
Felisha you are a cooter butt
by billie May 29, 2004