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1. The sexual act of a woman taking 3 loads in her ass and then shoving a carrot up there. Followed by a rabbit.
Tom & Dick: "We found an old carrot."
Harry: "And I've got a rabbit!"

"And when they shoved it up her ass, she began to prance around, Frosty the Snowman."
by billebllunt December 08, 2013

1. A term used to describe two pairs of married gay men who have gone on several double dates together, have already had sex several times and are all chummy with each other. When going on these double dates, all 4 men ride together in a van. One of them is usually black and wears lots of jewelry. There is also usually an older one, the father figure type, with a cigar/cornhole fetish. There is ALWAYS a clean cut, metrosexual one and the fourth member is a wildcard.
Q: "Did you get a load of that faggoty bowling team down there, Rick?"

A: "Yeah, I saw them pull up in a van and if I didn't know any better, I'd swear they were THE GAY TEAM."
by billebllunt January 19, 2014

1. The perverse sexual display when a woman inserts a gerbil into her vagina and it stimulates her to the point of climax, at which time she begins to squirt and expels the gerbil from her vagina and sends it on a type of waterslide or log floom ride.
"Grab your poncho, video camera and catchers mitt, Jenny's got the gerbilsquirts tonight!"
by billebllunt December 11, 2013

1. When 5 or more Japanese people merge together to form one larger humanoid entity with all 4 limbs capable of independent movement. Much akin to a cheerleader pyramid, but the japanese never engage in this activity for entertainment purposes. It is solely used as an extreme last resort in order to attack or defend. Unlike a cheerleading pyramid, which takes practice, trust and great deal of familiarity with your team mates and/or system, japstacking can occur with 5 japanese total strangers. The reason for this is because japanese people in general are fit, trim and most of them are ninjas. This primal inner instinct or governing group mentality only occurs in the japanese, much like in army ants. When they merge together, it's not in the manner of smaller pieces of "The Blob" reconvening to form 1 big blob, but more in the manner of Voltron merging, but without the metallic machinery noises. They stack in a very calculated and mathematical manner, but without thinking or practice.

2. The human equivalent of a Transformer combiner or Gestalt (Devastator, Bruticus, Menasaur, Superion, etc.) As can be seen in the Drawn Together episode entitled "Gay Bash."
"Most of the Japanese ran when they saw Godzilla coming, but the students in Mr. Hashimoto's karate class started japstacking to defend the dojo from destruction."
by billebllunt December 10, 2013

1. A term used to describe the person or sexual act of an ambidextrous man masturbating while wearing white gloves and using a wide array of implements, including, but not limited to: binoculars, roller skates, trench coats, handcuffs, magnifying glasses, springs, magnets, skis, sirens or a lasso necktie for added erotic asphyxiation. Sometimes, a dog or a small child maybe involved.
"You've got to have a really private place and a lot of time on your hands if you want to Inspector Gadget like me."
by billebllunt December 09, 2013

1. A term used to describe the sexual act of a female felating the perfectly formed miniature sized penis of an adult male.
"After all the giggling, ridiculing and taunts of "are you in?" he got from his normal sexual partners, Timothy and his tiny penis was perfectly happy paying hookers for slobbin' the hobbit."
by billebllunt December 09, 2013

1. The mixture of sweat and lint/fuzz that sticks to freshly shaven armpits as a result of wearing a dark colored sweatshirt without a T shirt underneath, then sweating in it. The resulting sweaty black lint balls are called "Niggie Babies."
"Use this washcloth to wipe the Niggie Babies from your armpits."
by billebllunt December 08, 2013
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