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84 definitions by Billebllunt


1. An unborn infant whose face is constantly protruding from its expecting mothers vagina for the entire duration of the pregnancy.
"I thought she was going into labor, but then she informed me she had a cabbage snatch kid."
by billebllunt December 09, 2013

1. An insane variation of the average marijuana joint which involves rolling a normal joint, lacing it with vicks vapor rub and placing several match heads spaced incrementally inside. When one of the match heads ignites, or "bombs", the joint cannot be smoked due to the harmful effect of directly inhaling the sulfuric toxins produced by the match head. Instead, the smoker must instead wait for the bomb to completely subside before resuming smoking of the joint. The chemical reaction between the vicks vapor rub and match heads is supposed to alter or enhance the desired effects of the cannabis.
"Ever smoke a science project? Here, try a hit of this vicks bomb."
by billebllunt December 09, 2013
Noun (mana-kink)

1. Performing perverse sexual acts of depravity on store mannequins with a heightened sense of arousal from being caught.

2. A form of exhibitionism.

3. Similar to Ellen DeGeneres' Dance Dare which involves dancing behind peoples backs, mannequink entails standing next to an unsuspecting shopper and waiting for them to turn around. When they do, you vigorously grope and make out with the mannequin next to them for 5 seconds, then turn around like nothing happened before they notice.
"Seeing all these perfectly round mannequin buttocks really brings out the mannequink in me."
by billebllunt December 09, 2013

1. A term used to describe the sexual act of a female felating the perfectly formed miniature sized penis of an adult male.
"After all the giggling, ridiculing and taunts of "are you in?" he got from his normal sexual partners, Timothy and his tiny penis was perfectly happy paying hookers for slobbin' the hobbit."
by billebllunt December 09, 2013
Verb - macgyverwip(ed) macgyverwip(ing)

1. When one is shocked by the sudden realization, midway through defecation, that there is no toilet paper and must rely on his or her own wit and cunning to find an alternate wiping material within arms reach.
"Many survivalists rely on macgyverwipe tactics when pooping in the wild by making due with a handful of leaves."
by billebllunt December 09, 2013

1. When a woman's vagina has strange, unsightly, mishapen or oddly memorable pair of lips, much like the facial lips of Mick Jagger.

2. When a vagina does too much cocaine and sings til it's 80 years old.
1. "I wanted to get my rocks off, but when I saw her jaggerpuss, I got outta there in a jumpin' jack flash."

2. "I figured the female singer on stage had a jaggerpuss when she dropped the mic down to crotch level."
by billebllunt December 09, 2013

1. Having sex with a woman whose vagina looks, smells and makes noises like Chewbacca.

2. Two or more wookiees mating in their natural habitat on their home planet of Kashyyyk.
"I told her to get a bikini wax because I wasn't into wookie nookie."
by billebllunt December 09, 2013