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Disposable diaper disposed of inappropriately. Tightly wrapped to form a ball shape, these are often left behind in parking lots or walkways through which strollers pass. Sometimes these are thrown from a moving vehicle, though probably not directly from a stroller.

See: pram grenade.
Careful, you don't want to step on a stroller bomb. This parking lot is full of them.
by BillVo November 18, 2012
An adjective combining great-tasting and cool, with an urban flair.
Dang baby, your chicken and waffles aren't just fantastic--they're schnizzlicious.
by BillVo October 31, 2012
The expression is used to diminish the value of a person or part of a person.
1. He's just a glorified piece of meat.

2. The brain is nothing more than a glorified piece of meat.
by BillVo June 17, 2011
A feeling of being in a crowd of mostly Jewish people. Used lightheartedly to acknowledge that a particular location is favored by Jews.

This is not to be confused with heebie-jeebies, except to the extent that such confusion enhances the perceived funniness.
This place gives me the heebies. I haven't seen this many of my people since my Bar Mitzva.
by BillVo June 24, 2011

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