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n. A group of undesirable sycophants.
The party was fun until Chris showed up with his nontourage.
by billg November 12, 2004
An intelligent person who lacks emotion or social skills.
David aced the GMAT's but at parties he's just a brain on a stick, standing in the corner pretending to examine the ficus.
by billg August 30, 2005
Almost always used in conjunction with a Jewish holy man. Word originally simply meant teacher.

Although it is usually used with Judaism, the word is not Hebrew, it is Greek.
We need to have little Josh circumsized, call the rabbi.
by BillG April 21, 2005
1. Of low quality, not good, poor, etc.

2. Also used to mean the opposite of it's original meaning, like bad or shit is commonly used (i.e. Wow man, that's some bad moves ya got.). Upstate New York colloquial
That's new car o' yours is wack, how cool.
by BillG February 15, 2005
Phrase used when purchasing a car. Refers to telling the auto sales person that you are buying the vehicle and wish for him to go to the DMV to get the license plates.
This van is sweet, get the plates for me.
by BillG April 18, 2005
70's and 80's punk/noise band. They tried really hard to make music that did not copy any other. Most of it sucked, but they did have some very interesting songs. Required listening for old school punks.
Hey poseur, what are you doing wearing a Television tee?
by BillG April 25, 2005
Snazzy way to abbreviate stock exchange.(Stock eXCange).
My broker bought me GE, MCI, and ATT on the SXC.
by BillG May 02, 2005
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