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Balls that are unclean, sweaty, and hairy. Balls thats have a rank stench.
After I was done playing softball with the boys I had a bad case of musty nuts!
by BillC July 28, 2006
One who catches a load of cum on their face and after wiping and swallowing still has a few drops of spunk on their chin. Or chin drizzle can be used as a derogetory term towards someone meaning that they are desireable as left over cum on a chin!
Hey chin drizzle go wash my car!
by BillC July 28, 2006
A scenario where two people fuck, usually one is better looking than the other and alot of alchol is involved. Pitty fucking is actually a sport in some countries and can be seen late night on ESPN 19.
Damn last night was crazy I pitty fucked this fugly cunteen!
by BillC July 28, 2006
Gay Arabic Male, One who is an Arab and a fag
Yo last night I walked in to the mens room and saw Conor fucking a garabic dude in the ass! What a colon choker!
by BillC July 28, 2006
The act of unzipping ones pants and smacking somone across the face with a flacid or erect penis.
Yo ass-hole if you don't shut the fuck up i'm gonna zip-smack you!

Yeah my bitch was talking back to me so... I zip-smacked her!
by BillC July 28, 2006
One who is only some what faggy, a Colon Choker, an Ass monger, one who is straight but enjoys gasing deeply at another mans ass, one who has a great sense of fashion but a dirty apartment, lastly one who will only suck a cock but not take it in the ass.
Yo Sam the gasian is so lame he always talks about chicks but he's definitely a halfafag!
by BillC July 28, 2006
the stench associated with fisting someone wrist deep.
damn bro you definitley have a case of ass arm!
by BillC July 28, 2006

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