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Franks-and-Beans, referring to a line in the blockbuster movie "There's Something About Mary" Starring Ben Stiller, as Ted Stroehmann and Cameron Diaz, as Mary Jensen. The line spoken by the retarded brother of Mary (Diaz) in reference to Warren Jensen (W.Earl Brown) Speaking of when Ted was caught masturbating. "He was masturbating"
Warren has a striking resemblence to Milton from Office Space. He can usually be found sleeping in closets, masturbating, or hanging around Mexican bath houses, looking for the trademark "Franks-and-Beans"
Warren - "Franks-and-Beans, FRANKS AND BEANS"
"He was Masturbating"
He was touching his Frans-and-Beans.

by Bill-Lumbergh January 23, 2007

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