1 definition by Bill the page eater?

Awesome console for 50 bucks used. Gamecube is only 30 bucks, so you could buy a gamecube, ps2, and around 3 good games for about 100 dollars

unfortunately xbox was discontinued because Microsoft doesn't care about low budget people like us who refuse to buy overpriced consoles until they are reasonably priced (think under $75 for console and $15 at most for a good game)
Tom: I got a ps3 for only 300 bucks!!!!

Bill: I can buy 6 ps2's or 10 gamecubes for that. Or a ps2 for the same price of a decent ps3 game.

Tom: well.... I got Internet, online play, blu Ray, a hardrive, and other stuff!

Bill: I believe ps2 has some online play, I have better Internet on my old laptop, I can wait for games to load because I have a laptop, and the only thing you have is blu Ray. Totally 6x the price of a ps2 and 10x more than gamecube. I think I'll buy god of war for 10 bucks now while you pay 50 for god of war 3
by Bill the page eater? July 06, 2010

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