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She's your basic average girl, she is here to save the world, you can't stop her, she can do anything.
Kim Possible is a girly girl, yet a burly girl.
by Bill W April 13, 2004
This is the gay version of a hoochie mama, commonly refered to as a "gold digger". They do anything that they can to get a man with lots of money to pay for their shit. Commonly , GHB's are also junkies, and most certainly have 3 different STD's at any given moment.
Passerby: Hey Cutie, you gotta nice ass, whats going on?
GHB-Billy: The Rent muthafuker, my goddamn rent.
by Bill W June 04, 2004
This is where a normal end user , who thinks that they are invulnerable to viruses and hacker attacks, does a scan on their machine to reveal that they actually have been infected with viruses that number more than the number of files on their machine.

This is typically an end user of the 1d10t level, who thinks that the monitor is often called a TV.

medical transcriptions fall into this category very clearly.
Yep, that girl Danene, she got hacker syphillis.
by Bill W March 23, 2004
When Granny goes down on you , without her teeth in, its called Gumming the Hog.
Dave screamed, "Go on granny, gum that hog....."
by Bill W April 02, 2004
This is a person who is so vehemently in denial about Barry Bond's use of Enhancement drugs, that hed beat the crap out of someone for saying that he does. Likewise, he idolizes this person so much, he might even jump into bed and bend over for Ole Barry.
Mr. Mason, your such a Barry's Boi.
by Bill W March 25, 2004
A situation where a person, who has gas, comes over into a group of people and gets off on dropping the Stinkbomb Fart on the whole group, knocking everyone unconcious with his disgusting man stink, and then not owning up.
Go on andy, you stinky sullivan, get out of here man, that smells.
by Bill W March 17, 2004
Something that happens when you fuck shit up.
If Billy isnt careful, hes going to Dick upshit if im not careful.
by Bill W April 05, 2004

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