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WOTB=Whip Out The Bitch

When someone unexpectedly flips out and/or becomes enraged in bitchiness.
Tina: Hey, Sammy.
Sammy: Leave me alone! Do not speak to me ever again!
Tina: Wow, way to WOTB.
by Bill Ryder April 03, 2010
When a friend sends the same message to more than one friend hoping to get a response. (This may also be referred to as a "mass text")

Victims of the booty text may feel deceived by the sender. While reading the message, they are not aware of the impersonal nature of the text.

The respectful implementation of the booty text involves letting the recipients know that the text is, in fact, a booty text.

Origin: The term, booty text, originally referred to guys who send the same message to multiple girls, hoping to get laid.
Janine: Maria texted me last night asking me to go to the movies.
Jody: She texted me the same thing.
Janine: Ughh, It was a booty text!

Example of a booty text: "I'm so bored, what's up girlie?" (The sender is desperate and hopes that any of the recipients will respond.)

Example of a respectful booty text: "I'm super bored, do you want to hang out? this is a booty." (The sender is desperate, yet respectful of the recipients.)
by Bill Ryder April 03, 2010

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