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noun: A condition caused by the munchies, making all food look delicious. Like beer goggles, but ends in diarrhea instead of gonorrhea

Like beer goggles, but with nasty food instead of ugly people
Guy 1. I can't believe I ate that month old potato salad. It sounded so good last night, but I woke up with the worse diarrhea.

Guy 2. Gotta watch out for those weed goggles. They'll get you everytime.
by Bill Murray Ate My Baby April 05, 2010
noun: An elaborate prank used to make someone think they have short term memory loss. Just change details around the house and show them a video of stuff that happened in "the future." Like the movie 50 First Dates
John: "I woke up and my family had this video of all my family and friends talking about what's changed in life. They had a video saying Sarah Palin became president.. They even brought out a baby and said it was mine!"

Owen: "hahahaha, you got 50 first dated!"
by Bill Murray Ate My Baby January 10, 2011
The act of getting a group of people to all get on to a certain person's Facebook page and like everything on that page. When that person gets on Facebook later, they will have hundreds of notifications.
Ex. John: "Dude I got onto Facebook and had 143 notifications! I was excited until I realized it was because of you asshole dropping a notification bomb on me."
by Bill Murray Ate My Baby December 11, 2010
noun: A pathetic attempt at a mohawk, even worse than a fauxhawk.
John: Did you see that douche over there?

Mike: The one in the red shirt rockin a bitchhawk?

John: Yeah. I'd laugh if it weren't so sad.
by Bill Murray ate my baby April 04, 2010

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