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PAV (Pediatric Assault Vehicle): clumsy, overgrown, overpriced stroller or baby carriage favored by Yuppies as visible evidence of how much they care for the children they typically leave in the care of underpaid and overworked illegal-immigrant nannies. Coined by Bill Marsano, 2004
"She's a typical Park Slope breeder--a self-important Mommy Menace who'll knock you into the street with her PAV and then act as if it's all your fault."
by bill marsano August 24, 2007
e-mail address, shortened in the manner of 'e-zine,''e-tail, etc.

Created 2002 by Bill Marsano, writer
She's hot. Did you get her digits and e-dress?
by Bill Marsano August 07, 2007
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