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The seemingly conflicting desires that some (but certainly not all) men have for a woman who is experienced in the bedroom and unashamed of showing sexual prowess ("whore"), but at the same time a woman who is wholesome, clean and nuturing ("madonna"), particularly enough to not be branded a "slut".

This concept is due to having a large population of sexually frustrated people (both men AND women) who were raised to believe that sexual activity or just being sexy is a dirty and shameful act, and a society where both men and women have been led to believe that women have to either be complete prudes or totally promiscuous.
"Dick is an ex-quarterback with a madonna-whore complex. Jane is an equally confused prude who needs to drink a quart of whisky to release her sexual inhibitions guiltlessly. They were made for each other."
by Bill M. September 21, 2004
("BURK - sheerz") The western half of Massachusetts. Pretty much everything west of Springfield, regardless of whether or not the town is in the actual county of Berkshire. Known for its heavily wooded areas, ski resorts, and small towns, in contrast to the more urbanized eastern half of the state.
"We went to the Berkshires last winter to go skiing."
by Bill M. December 17, 2004
1. The largest continent on earth; covers most of the eastern hemisphere

2. A progressive pop band formed around 1982 by ex-members of Yes, King Crimson, UK, and Emerson Lake & Palmer (ELP). Their hits include "Heat of the Moment", "Only Time Will Tell" and "Don't Cry". The album titles have usually been one-word names beginning and ending with the letter "A", and the album covers have featured award-winning artwork by Roger Dean.
The band Asia did a tour of Asia.
by Bill M. July 27, 2004
A fork in the road that bends in a loop or "P" shape, letting drivers make a left turn or a U-turn on a busy road without having to slow down in the left lane. Most commonly used in New Jersey.
"Then, you go through three sets of lights, and go through a jug handle..."
by Bill M. December 17, 2004
Slang term for the town of Pittsfield, in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts. The term is traditionally used by young locals in complaint of the town being in the sticks, with seemingly not much to do.
"I wish I could drive to Boston more often, because I live in The Pitts."
by Bill M. December 17, 2004
Another term for a double bass, acoustic bass, or bass fiddle. It's the largest of the string instruments (resembling a giant violin) and lowest-sounding instrument found in an orchestra. Can be played with a bow or plucked with the fingers. The word "upright" means that it is to be played while standing up while holding the instrument upright, as opposed to how a bass guitar is held (on the lap or at a 45 degree angle). Also not to be confused with the cello, which is smaller and played while sitting down.
Paul Chambers and Ron Carter each played the upright bass at one time or another for Miles Davis.
by Bill M. August 27, 2004
The only county in Indiana that keeps it real. It's the home of straight up killers and child molesters. The best weed, girls, and underage drinkers. Possibly the only county in the world with six to six probation hours. From Salamonie to Maple Street to Crown Hill all the way to new 24 they stay buck 24/7.
I was in Wabash and had the time of my life.
by bill m. December 23, 2004

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