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5 definitions by Bill Gregory

Another way of saying goodbye
"I will see you guys tomorrow. Laterz!"
by Bill Gregory February 26, 2004
Too be intoxicated at a high level
Man I'm Laterzed
by Bill Gregory February 26, 2004
Another word for interesting...
Thats Interasante
by Bill Gregory February 27, 2004
1. Any action that causes discomfort when one guy gets a little to close to another guy
2. The description of the often accidental hand bump of another man's private region.
As Blake and Bill are walking down the street, Blake's hand accidently hits the inner part of Bill's leg and Bill exclaims, "Whoa there Blake, your gettin' a little fresh there buddy!!!"
by Bill Gregory August 03, 2004
A suffix that can be added to anyone's name after shortening their name to one syllable
"Hey John Hoette!" becomes "Hey Hut Digs!"
by Bill Gregory February 26, 2004