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filph (exclamation) : expression of hopelessness/quasi-despair, signifies embrace of such. Stem: acronym for "Fuck it, lets play HALO"
"I think I just flunked my chem test."
"Yeah, and my girlfriend broke up with me, and my dog died last night."
"That sucks."
"Filph, man"
by Bill Diesel April 10, 2005
Greeting, signifies support for the election of a black pope in 05.
Will soon replace "sup?"
Jimmy: "Black Pope."
David: "Black Pope."
Jimmy: "So, how was the physics test?"
by Bill Diesel April 05, 2005
verb: to spend inordinate amounts of time on www.lowbrow.com

abbrev: 'brow
I got stoned last night and 'browed for like, four hours.
by Bill Diesel April 05, 2005
a game produced by romp.com wherein the player controls a playa named jake and attempts to get him laid
"I gotta shine, girl. Laaaate."
by Bill Diesel April 05, 2005
The male equivalent of a camel toe.
I was at the gym, and this guy came in wearing spandex. Fuckin' moose knuckle up the wazz.
by Bill Diesel April 05, 2005
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