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A seventy six plus is the percentage likelihood of a person getting laid required for that person to leave their friends or a party abruptly, especially when hanging out was planned ahead of time.

i.e. having a 76+ percent likelihood of getting some action is the only palpable excuse for ditching a fun situation.
Men: "Dude, I'd love to stay and play COD Mod 2, but I have a seventy-six plus (76+) with that chick from Bio."

Women: "I know it's girls night, but I haven't gotten any in FOREVER, and I have a seventy-six plus (76+) with the head of the LaCrosse team right now."
by Bill Burrows October 13, 2009
Virtually any drug you snort in the form of a line of the powdered or crushed form of said drug.
Dude, watch me sell this kid a railer of laundry soap.
by Bill Burrows September 11, 2009

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