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3 definitions by Bill Blythe

The old lying con -game that politicians are so adept at pulling on their constituents,a Bee Jay(b.j.)where you ask for $100 billion when $10 billion would be more then enough. The secret decisions made behind closed doors for the good of American citizens,illegal practices,pilfering of funds.
Well they sure pulled a "BUSHJOB" IN THE LAST Florida presidential election.The last great "BUSHJOB" I can recall is when he said their are wmd`s inside Iraq,and I`m tired of being "bushed"by this administration.
by Bill Blythe November 12, 2003
The "real"motives behind our invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. similar to a "Bush-job" or being "Bushed". DECEPTION,LIES,POLITICAL INTRIGUE,COVERING UP FECAL MATTER ETC.
They really pulled a "George"on us in Viet Nam! We are in for the same kind of "waco fake-o""bush-job"if they invade Iran & Syria. I`m growing tired of being "BUSHED"like when will they tell us facts instead of the old "waco fake-o" "okie-doke"!
by Bill Blythe November 12, 2003
a person of low morals;a person who is busted,disgusted and sure can`t be trusted;a PLAYER;CON MAN;POLITICIAN;HUSTLER;etc.
Look at that "dogbreath"TRYING TO "move" on his public. Like can you "dig" that 'dogbreath' trying to hustle my last joint?
by Bill Blythe November 12, 2003