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When someone doesn't wipe themselves good enough after taking a shit & leaves a crusty icing in their underwear.
Damn fool! You made one hell of a Booty Cake in your briefs!
by Bill Bixby May 15, 2005
The act of placing a mans balls on a womans forehead while she gives him a rim job.
Tell your mom thanks for the tookey last night.
by Bill Bixby May 01, 2005
A phrase used when a male sees a female he would like to have sex with.
Brad: "What Do You Think About That Sexy Chick Over There?"
Craig: "I'd Paint The Walls Pink!"
Brad: "& Make Her Brown Eye Blink?"
Craig: "You Daaaaamn Skippy!"
by Bill Bixby May 15, 2005
Nasty, Old Cake that has either been left out too long or is just straight up old.
"Don't eat that honey, thats some booty cake"
by Bill Bixby October 01, 2006
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