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30 definitions by Bill Abnovsky

A one year old infant with a high I.Q. and unfathomable intelligence for a child. His plans include killing his mother, Lois, and world domination.

He also likes to be called Snake Griffin.

" My name is Stewart Gilligan Griffin! "

" Stewie Griffin, did you unhook mommy's bra? "
by Bill Abnovsky August 18, 2006
199 139
Played by Robert Patrick in Terminator 2: Judgement Day.

A liquid metal Terminator.
" The T-1000 is coming! "

" What is it? "
" The T-1000 "
by Bill Abnovsky August 18, 2006
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Depending on the size of the text and book, in most cases it numbers 1200-1500 pages. It has 15 parts to it and over a hundred chapters. Have a good time reading it.

Or, you could always watch the 6hr+ Russian made film that cost 100 Million USD to make, in 1968, the most expensive film of all time, it would cost near 600 Million to make today.
" How about you read War and Peace "

" Go read War and Peace and leave me alone "

" I'd rather read War and Peace "

" It took me a year but I finally got through reading War and Peace "
by Bill Abnovsky August 19, 2006
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A 1950s film nominated on many occasions as the worst film ever.

It was originally made to be a horror film where the monster is a gorrila who wears an old style scuba diving helmet because it's head is a skull, though in the movie it's because it can't breathe on earth.

" Have you seen Robot Monster? It's horrible! "

" He looks like the robot monster "
by Bill Abnovsky August 18, 2006
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A poor sequel to the original film Speed.

Speed 2 also features actress Sandra Bullock, it does not however feature Keanu Reeves.

Shortly after the opening of this film, Keanu Reeves became an A-List Celebrity.
" There's a Speed 2 now? "
" Yes there is "
" Is it any good? "
" I'm afraid not "
" Well how bad is it? "
" If you were blind I'd tell you to bring ear plugs "
by Bill Abnovsky August 18, 2006
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An extremely hot blonde born in 1981.

Playboy Playmate of the Month October 2002.

Is of German and Japanese ancestry.

Former Hooters restaurant employee.
" I wish I could go home to Teri Harrison every night "

" Teri Harrison is the hottest woman alive! "

" I'd do Teri Harrison in a heartbeat, maybe less "
by Bill Abnovsky August 19, 2006
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A supporter of the extreme right-wing political belief system and/or government.
" Watch what you say now, he's a Fascist "

" Spain was a Fascist nation from 1936 until 1975 "
by Bill Abnovsky August 18, 2006
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